Registration and Payment Processing

StatZone provides a powerful, yet simple to use Registration and Payment Processing interface. Your registrants and administrators will both appreciate our user-friendly web-based interface. You can create any number of Registration Activities such as Tryouts, Teams, Events (eg end-of-season banquet), or even Fundraising Items. For example, if you have an organizational fundraiser to sell hoagies, you could run it all through StatZone so that people can place and pay for their orders online making it much easier for everyone involved.

Registration for Tryouts can integrate directly with our Tryout Module. This allows the person running tryouts to see how registration is progressing without having to bug the treasurer or requiring permissions to the Registration Module. Tryout Participants can also track their progress through their individual user account. And when it comes time to send out team invites, it is all seamlessly integrated. The participant will receive an email alerting them to the invitation. They then can log into their account to accept or decline the position and complete any additional team registration requirements such as selecting a payment plan.

When creating the Registration Activities, you can specify start and end dates, limit the number of registrations, and set the Activity fee(s). You can also define any number of questions that the user must complete during registration. Some examples include Volunteer duties they would be willing participate in, Emergency Contact information, Health Information, or form agreements such as waivers or codes of conduct. Registration can also require membership with a sport's governing body. StatZone will then verify that it is a valid membership that matches the registering participant before allowing the registration to complete. It will automatically verify membership against a number of governing bodies such as USA Hockey or the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)!

Treasurers appreciate the flexibility that the system provides as well as making it easy to change payment plans, create user credits, record off-line payments, or process refunds such as returing commitment fees. All transactions are logged, so there is complete transparency during audit checks. And a suite of reports are available for insight into payments received, payment failures, aged receivables and much more!

Registration Highlights

  • Fully Customizable Payment Plans
  • Allow Users to Register or Pay Online 24/7
  • No Long-Term Commitment & Low Processing Fees
  • Automatic Verification of AAU or USA Hockey Membership During Registration
  • Collect All Required Information During Registration
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