Surveys and Player History

Provide a better product by having a firm understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. StatZone Surveys can provide the insight you need! Send surveys to your membership to get unvarnished opinions on what your organization is doing well and where you need to imporove.

Send Player Evaluations to your coaches to get their assesment on each of their players. These surveys can be completed anonymously and the results aggregated together so that you have a complete view of a player's strengths and weaknesses. And with multiple coaches completing an evaluation, no one coach can artificially rank their child higher than they should be. The Player Evaluation can include rankings within their team, grading of skills, and commentary for each team the player has participated on within your organization. The Evaluation is kept with the player forever, creating a dossier which can be an invaluable tool at future tryouts for making decisions on bubble players or weeding out trouble-makers.

Likewise, you can send out anonymous surveys to your membership to evaluate their coaches. This can help you make coaching decisions in future years as well as provide feedback to the coaching staff on what they are doing good and what they can improve upon. Or create referee evaluations to provide them constructive criticism or earn assignments for the most important games of the season.

Survey Highlights

  • Player History
  • Coach Evaluations
  • Referee Evaluations
  • Gain Valuable Feedback From Your Participants
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